Chandra: Mystical Meanings of the Moon - Chakrapani

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DL-124 Chandra: Mystical Meanings of the Moon – Chakrapani

The Moon is the most important element in a chart analysis, perhaps even more important than the rising sign under certain circumstances. It is the Moon which acts as the coordinator of all the planetary forces in the chart and it exerts tremendous power in bringing results from the other planets. Being a Royal planet, it acts as a King, as well as the King-maker. It is the position of the Moon which makes one's presence in the world felt, or puts one into a state of oblivion. The Moon's placement and relationship with other planets brings the subtle details as well as sets the trend of one's life. In the mysterious Nadi astrology, it is the position of the Moon through which the details of one's life are brought forth. In this lecture, Chakrapani will give information which has not been presented before.

Seventh International Symposium Sedona, AZ 2000

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