Christina Collins is a Vedic astrologer from Boulder CO and a founding member and current board member of ACVA.
Dennis Flaherty is a practicing Western & Vedic astrologer. He is the president of the Council of Vedic Astrology.
Presented by David Goldstein Ph.D
Presented by Joni Patry
Presented by Dennis Harness Ph.D
Presented by Komilla Sutton
Presented by Dr. T. S. Vasan
Presented by Nalini Kanta Das (Tom Hopke)
Presented by David Goldstein Ph.D
Presented by Andrew Foss
Ernst is a Vedic astrologer. He lives in Arizona with his wife Shristi who is the programmer for their Jyotish program, Kala.
Presented by James Braha
Presented by Dennis Flaherty
Learn how the bhavas or houses reveal the various departments of life represented in the chart, including their unique symbolism and practical application.
Presented by James Kelleher
Dennis Harness is a practicing astrologer with a degree in psychology. He was the president of ACVA and active in the development of the online program.
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