Advanced Techniques for Transits - Johnson

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DL-136 Advanced Techniques for Transits - Johnson

The motion of the planets may sometimes provide us with more exact timing than the cycle of dashas, for transits change swiftly, even daily, while even an antaradasha may go on for months. In this class, we will explore the significance of transits with a number of examples from the horoscopes of important people. We will examine the influence of transiting planets from both the Ascendant and the more traditional Chandra Lagna. The impact of each planet upon the lunar houses will be examined in some detail, for it in fact forms part of the basis of the ashtakavarga system. In addition to the influence of planets upon houses, we will try to assess the influence of planets upon other planets, and in to address the question: How close is close? For this, we will borrow a few Western or Tajik techniques. Taken altogether, the purpose of the class is to teach us how to integrate transits with the dasha system in a more precise and meaningful way.

Seventh International Symposium Sedona AZ 2000

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