Interpreting Ninth House of Horoscope - Nalini

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DL-144 Exploring Riches of Chart through Nakshaktras: Hathaway

Rarely, "if ever" presented in the West, the material in this lecture overs some of the secrets of Nadi Jyotisha as well as one of its branches, Jiva and Sharira (soul and body). Nadi Jyotisha examines the planets and nakshatras from a unique perspective of gunas not used in Parasara. Indeed, based on the gunas of the planets and nakshatras, Nadi Jyotisha â€" combined with Parasara - facilitates deeper, more accurate levels of prediction â€" including whether a yoga will fructify. The doctrine of the three gunas is described in great detail in the Bhagavad Gita. Nadi Jyotisha incorporates these concepts extremely effectively for the use of the practicing Jyotishi.

Seventh International Symposium Sedona AZ 2000

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