Introduction to Sarvasthakavarga by Richard Houck

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DL-176 Introduction to Sarvasthakavarga by Richard Houck

There is an ancient system of digital astrology that is fundamentally based upon whether certain binary ("bindu") switches are turned on or off. Further, these bit switches are clustered into groups of eight which many of us recognize as the classic "byte" of data. Indeed, this baseline concept underlies the 256(K) foundation of modern computing. This lecture will identify the basic structure and attributes of this "group of 8 things". It's practical applications, both natal and forecasting, will be clearly illustrated with many examples. Rick emphasizes that he is a member of the militant Hard School which asserts that if a professional astrologer willingly doees not use ashtakavarga in his consulting work then he is guilty of a type of negligent malpractice.

Fifth International Symposium Del Mar, CA 1997

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