Ethics & Standards in Vedic Astrology- Sureshwara

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DL-210 Ethics & Standards in Vedic Astrology – Sureshwara

The need for certain ethics and standards for astrologers were recognized thousands of years ago by Rishis, the sages and seers of the Vedic period. The doyen of Vedic Astrology, Sage Varahamihira, had laid down certain basic tenets and necessary guidelines for those who practice Vedic Astrology. Many of these guidelines are valid even in the twentieth century and beyond. The Vedic Astrologer of today has to maintain a fine balance between the traditional standards and the valid expectations of the client. Dr. Sureshwara will present the classical standards and ethics and discuss the most intelligent approach to applying them to the modern astrological practice.

Fifth International Symposium Del Mar, CA 1997

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