Introduction to Muhurtha- Collins

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DL-219 Introduction to Muhurtha - Collins
This class will cover the step-by-step process for creating a positive, powerful chart for the initiation of action. We cast these horoscopes when we want an event to have the greatest chance for success and permanence. If you possess a natal chart that is beneficial - you will live the life of a "king". If the natal chart is beset with difficulties - the native suffers many obstacles and challenges in life. Muhurtha charts give a new venture (such as marriage, beginning a business, signing a contract, starting a new bank account, taking a vacation, or embarking on educational pursuits) the best chance for success. Christina will discuss the ephemeris or lunar calendar and its use and how to look forward in time to obtain the dates when notable planetary configurations are present. Muhurtha is also used to predict the difficult times ahead in mundane astrology. She plans to present some of these charts as well.

Sixth International Symposium Sedona, Az 1998

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