Introduction to Ashtakavarga- Patel

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DL-225 Introduction to Ashtakavarga - Patel

Every sign that is occupied by a planet is capable of producing certain effects and the ascendant is also equally potent. Every planetary influence, therefore must be judged not only independently, but also through the interaction of the planets. This method is call the Ashtakavarga system, which appears to have originated in ancient times. It is rather intricate and laborious, but with the help of computers, it is made easy. It provides certain keys for judging the strength of houses and planets and for evaluating the potency of transits accordingly. The interpretation can be classified as: 1. the magnitude of a predicted event 2. the nature, quality and kind of an event and 3. the time of the event. This can best be done by the help of Samudayashtakavarga (collective) table, depending on the paucity or excessiveness of the Bindus, since the Samudya total in any sign is the aggregate of the Bindus of all the eight indicators. It requires only an elementary knowledge of Vedic Astrology to understand the principles and predict with as much accuracy, ease and comfort.

Sixth International Symposium Sedona, Az 1998

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