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DL-243 Special Planetary Yogas - Chakrapani
The association of planets in various configurations creates yogas. In the Nadi system of astrology, subtle yoga formations are the basis for the Nadis being able to make amazing predictions. Yogas are a most interesting, important, and mysterious aspect of Vedic Astrology in that they determine the degree of expression of the astrological influence of the planets in any chart. A seemingly insignificant variation in a planetary formation can show a mountain of variation in the result. Planetary yogas may sometimes appear powerful; however, they do not actually produce powerful results. Furthermore, there are some yogas, when appearing in certain types of charts, which will show powerful results; however, in certain other types of charts, these same yogas will not produce results of any significance. During this lecture, we will discuss those yogas caused by constellations which can create favorable or unfavorable results irrespective of the position of the planets.

Third Annual Certification Conference Phoenix, AZ 2001

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