Appl. Sarvati Bhadra Chakra 2/ Vimshottari Dasha: Rawal

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DL-277 Appl. Sarvati Bhadra Chakra w/ Vimshottari Dasha: Rawal

In this talk we will unravel the secrets power of Sarvato-Bhadra-Chakra (SBC), an ancient and invaluable forecasting system and try to simplify the use of SBC without losing its predictive ability. When a difficult (or good) dasha starts in one's life we can start looking at which sub-periods may be most challenging (or rewarding). Often it is difficult to narrow down with accuracy such times within those periods. They could be in the antardasa or bhukti of more than one or two planets. Using SBC along with dashas helps in narrowing down timings of such periods in one's life. Though SBC is traditionally used to forecast mundane events we will see its strength in forecasting an individual's life as well. In this talk we'll discuss the basics of SBC with emphasis on a case study that includes death of father, death of child, losing a job and a health crisis, and we'll discover the power of SBC as an accurate forecasting tool.

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