Power of Dispositors- Patry

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DL-457 Power of Dispositors – Patry

Dispositors are a way we can look at astrology with a systematic approach. The power of a chart involves how the planets are connected. This can be seen as the circuitry of a chart, how a chart is wired giving great depth into the life’s karma. Events play out systematically according to the patterns. You will be able to see the root cause of any behavior and situation based on the planets associations or connectors. Dispositors are extremely important when making predictions. The dispositor of the planet being activated by the dashas and transiting planets gives the reason why the event is occurring. We will discuss in detail the dashas combined with transits and how the activation of the dispositors gives the vital information needed to give in depth predictions as to the timing and causes of an event. Example charts will drive home this approach to chart interpretation.

Fifth Annual Certification Conference Phoenix AZ 2003

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