Advanced Techniques of Prediction- Vasan

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DL-472 Advanced Techniques of Prediction – Vasan

The predictive aspect of Vedic astrology is unique and time tested. There are many techniques, which are fairly unknown to many astrologers but have to be utilized to undertake correct predictions. In my experience in astrology for the past 4 to 5 decades, I have found that some of the following techniques are very useful and handy for those who undertake predictions. These techniques are very simple and should be made use of by the practitioners in their day-to-day work. These techniques are a little bit different although they do fall within the purview of the traditional methods but which have not been explicitly explained in the classical texts. They may be called research-oriented, practically useful methods. Topics to be discussed by Dr. Vasan are 1) Uchha, neecha kshetras of grahas and why they are so important in analyzing a bhava phala and dasha phala 2) Mid points of all bhavas are used in reading the horoscope and also in understanding the transitory influence of planets 3) Moolatrikona signs and adhipathyas to delineate the horoscope 4) Pushkara navamsas, pushkaramsas and mruthyubhagas 5) Yogi, aviyogi and dagdha rasis 6) Navamsa techniques for reading the horoscope 7) Varga divisions and their importance 8) Ashtakavarga and its usefulness 9) Dasha reading taking Dasha Adhipathis, rasi as lagna 10) How to make use of Yogakaraka in Prediction and 11) Just like Kendradhipatya doshas for benefics there is a tradition by Indian astrologers to look upon malefics owning trikonas and occupying the same signs are bad. Dr. Vasan will also discuss this concept.

Tenth International Symposium Sedona AZ 2003

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