ACVA Course 110


Your enrollment in Course 109 includes your access to Course 110. The Scholarship Special saves you $390 for 2 courses!

Prerequisite: Completion of Courses 101 through 109

Course 110: Remedial Measures Classes 1,2,3
The beauty of Vedic Astrology is that not only does it reveal challenges in life or favorable periods, but it also provides effective methods to improve circumstances. These actions for improvement are what most astrologers call remedial measures or Upayas.  Nonetheless, applying remedial measures correctly and safely is a very complex skill that cannot be properly learned from books or during a few weeks.  A deep and full study must be undertaken in person from a specialized and experienced Vedic astrologer.  Therefore,  the objective of Course 110 is only to broadly introduce you to the major categories of remedial measures.

Disclaimer: The Jyotisha Ratna and Jyotisha Prabhakara programs, the work involves reading required and suggested Learning materials, writing assignments, forum discussions, and e-mail, supplemented by audio lectures.

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