Presented by Edith Hathaway
Christina Collins is a Vedic astrologer from Boulder CO and a founding member and current board member of ACVA. Andrew Foss is the creator of the software program Sri Jyoti. He lives in Canada.
Presented by Ernst Wilhelm
Presented by T. R. Raghunath Ph.D
Ronnie Gale Dreyer is both a Western and Vedic astrologer. She has a Master's degree in Sanskrit.
Presented by Christina Collins
Presented by Narendra Desai
Presented by Alex Nagel
here are many types of yogas caused by the placement of the planets in trines or angle houses in relation to the moon or rising sign, which give various kinds of powerful Raja Yogas. However, when the planets in a chart are placed in...
Presented by Komilla Sutton
Presented by Dr. William Levacy Ph.D
Dennis Flaherty is a practicing Western & Vedic astrologer. He is the president of the Council of Vedic Astrology.
Presented by Drew Lawrence
Presented by Chakrapani Ullal
Yajnas: Their Origin and Purpose - Mukhopadhyay
Presented by Geoffrey Pearce

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