Presented by Panel
Sat Siri Khalsa has practiced Jyotish for many years. She lives in Santa Cruz, NM.
Presented by Nalini Kanta Das (Tom Hopke)
Presented by Babu-Sureshwara
Presented by Sat Siri Khalsa
Presented by Dr. T. S. Vasan
Alchemy of Love: Vedic Relation Comp Harness/Sutton
Presented by James Butler
Dr. Sharma is from India and practices both Ayerveda and Jyotish.
Ernst is a Vedic astrologer. He lives in Arizona with his wife Shristi who is the programmer for their Jyotish program, Kala.
Presented by Narendra Desai
Presented by Kuntal Rawal
Presented by Robert Koch
Presented by Vinay Aditya
Vinay is a publisher & holds the title of Jyotish Visharad.
Presented by Vinay Aditya
Dennis Harness has a degree in psychology and has been practicing Vedic astrology for some time. He was the president of ACVA for many years and very active in developing Jyotish in the West.
David Frawley is a well known author presenting Vedic knowledge to the Western public.
Presented by Sat Siri Khalsa
Presented by Panel
Presented by Panel
Presented by James Braha
Presented by Jani Pravin
Presented by Kenneth Johnson

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